#Staycation Tips 4: Best Staycation (For Kids) Ever

swimming pool

With local kids finally returning back to school, we’re interested in how you spent your 2020 #Staycation? We hope it was the best one ever!

Obviously COVID-19 put a bit of a spanner in the works when it came to travelling to different destinations, but we know that with all the extra time at home, your kids were able to enjoy some different experiences this year.

Tell us what worked for you!

Please let us know on social media what you got up to: we reckon there are plenty more weekends, evenings after school and even the next half term to rework some of the best experiences into future ideas.

child eating a watermelon

Seeing as the sun was beaming throughout most of the summer, we can imagine what most of you were up to… Paddling pool fun, picnic parties or keeping fit with the kids perhaps?  Let us know and we’ll challenge our Fairhill retailers to come up with some more of their recommended products.

Kids just wanna have fun (in the garden… all the time!!)

girl playing with a hose

TheWorks and ToyTown were probably your go-to shops when you needed things like garden toys, paddling pools or arts & crafts…

If you’re looking for a little bit of inspo to fill up the days you’re next at home with the littluns’, then ToyTown is a haven for all things fun and colourful – anything you decide to purchase from here for at-home ‘after school clubs’ or to enjoy over the weekends will be a hit!

Or, get creative by picking up paints, colour pens, colouring books and much, much more from the TheWorks. Why not let your children create their own ‘weekend charts’ so they can keep track of homework that needs doing, any chores they should complete around the home, or when they can have ‘free time’ throughout the day. (Can you tell we love the idea of structure?!)

Wardrobe refresh

baby wearing sunglasses

We’re not sure if keeping fashionable was part of your 2020 staycation, seeing as we were stuck at home for most of it! But, as government guidelines have said shopping is A-ok (for now), popping down to the centre and adding a few new threads to your wardrobe can end up being a super fun day out with the kids!

We recommend:

H&M | JD Sports | Debenhams | New Look | River Island (and many more). From football kits to cute co-ords that can match mummy and daddy, we know you’ll have fun with the pieces you pick out.

Seeing as we’ll be entering October in a few weeks too, thinking about long-sleeved tees and cable-knit jumpers should be on your ‘things to purchase soon’ list. We all know how unpredictable our weather can be, so it may be chilly, or the sun could still be shining – who knows! We think it’s better to be prepared for all eventualities!

Getting your reading on!

A mum reading to her child

Reading (especially in the garden or at your local park) has been a big hit over the staycation period. If you’ve gone through your current favourites, why not stock up on a few new reads for the month ahead?

You can have your very own ‘private’ book club for the kids and family. Discussing the best bits, fun characters and plot twists every week. Sounds like fun, right? Be sure to pop to Waterstones to grab a new selection.

*We recommend grabbing a few ‘Halloween-inspired’ reads to get the kids in the mood for the fun holiday pending!

Foodies forever

dinner party

Still want to go out for dinners and pretend your 2020 staycation hasn’t ended yet? Well, why not visit your favourite local. Whether Ristorante Sorrento for spaghetti (just like Nonna made) – or, opt for a classic BurgerKing or Subway meal deal that’ll suit kids on-the-go perfectly!

Don’t forget to enjoy your daily caffeine hit at Starbucks or CaféNero too… ‘Cos coffee is life and any parent deserves a freshly brewed cup.


a flag with explore written on it

Want a few more ideas to bulk up your to-do list over the next couple of months? Well, we have lots for you to discover…

We recommend:

  • Creative retreats in Northern Ireland (perfect spots to take time out for yourself and the family)
  • Discover 5 of the lesser known historical landmarks in NI, including: Bonamargy Monastery | Monea Castle | Hill of the O’Neill & Dunfurly Castle | Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn Museum | Navon Fort
  • Seeing shows at the Millennium Forum

Click the link for more: https://www.culturenorthernireland.org/features/performing-arts/rediscover-ni

Enjoy the next few weeks and filling your weekends, half terms and after-school time with the above! We can’t wait to see what you get up to. All hail the 2020 Staycation!

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