#Staycation Tips 3: Relaxing in the Garden


Now that normality is peeking its head back into 2020, it’s time to take a step back and relax after a gruelling few months, caged in lockdown! We think it’s time to treat yourselves, as well as the kids to a few back-garden ‘essentials’ that you can enjoy before a probable chilly winter…

We recommend: Garden Accessories Microsoft Office 2016!

No-one ever NEEDS new garden furniture but seeing as the weather has been glorious over the last few weeks, why not purchase a new, swanky garden sofa with coordinating pillows? Or, even a lounger, so you’re prepared for (hopefully) sunnier days ahead!! You can also head to Debenhams and Next for a few homely accessories that’ll give your garden a punch of personality 다운로드.

Bean Bag Fun!

For the adults who love to hang with the kiddies, why not grab a bean bag (or three) to lounge about when you have company over? Perfect paired with fruity punch in one hand, and a fruit kebab in the other.

Upon visiting the Next Store Manager, she mentioned that ‘Next’s outdoor range has been doing really well recently!’ so perhaps have a look next time you are in the centre 개인정보?

Pump Up the Jam! Now, this has to be a winner when you’re relaxing in the garden. A wireless speaker will change your life! Forget wires hanging from the ears, ear pods popping out or having to use or unlock your phone every 5 seconds… Let the music play from your speaker and take it with you wherever you go – whether it’s in the backyard, or to your local park 다운로드!

Fire Pit Goals!


Go Love Island chic with your garden and choose a fire pit to centralise your green space. You can invite friends over and roast marshmallows or warm your hands on chillier evenings. Now that sounds like a plan, right?! You can always pick up foodie essentials from M&S, or, those crafty bits and bobs from The Works if you’re going for a themed night 자소서 양식 다운로드. *Runs to The Works right this second*.

Kids just wanna have fun

child playing

Want to make relaxing in the garden fun for the children too? Well, there’s plenty to keep them occupied with, and we’re about to give you all the tips, tricks, hints and shortcuts.

We recommend: picnic parties 큐베이스 크랙 다운로드!


Get the kids involved and create a picnic party for the ages. All your fave snacks, a new picnic blanket and re-useable utensils will make this a truly special day for your children. Remember, if the sun’s out, pop to Boots and pick up the essentials, whether it’s a cooling spray, SPF chap stick or a bottle of sun cream 인피니티 배경화면 다운로드!

Read All About It!


Yes, why not get your kids involved (whatever their age!) by letting them pick out a new book to read outside – simply unwind together on a blanket, while the sun peeps it’s head through fluffy clouds. You can all get together and discuss what your books were about afterwards… it’ll be like your own mini home book club. Be sure to check out Waterstones fab children’s books collection 다운로드! *We would choose a romantic novel – what would you?

Keep Fit with Your Favourite People!


Now, this may seem like a little more effort than lounging around, sipping a freshly mixed drink, BUT, it’s a chance to entertain the kids with the sports day they definitely missed due to COVID-19!! You can get super creative: Football goals, traditional egg and spoon races and back garden sprints are a great place to start.

We recommend popping to JDSports for a perfectly pumped football, TheWorks or ToyTown for the fun and colourful essentials you may need to recreate a classic sports day 다운로드. Plus, if you’re in need of moisture-wicking clothing, head to M&S | RiverIsland | New Look and H&M !!

*For all the garden organisers out there, be sure to applaud yourselves for all the exciting things you have lined up for friends and family! All the hard work and planning can only mean one thing… YES, you’re right 스팀 게임 다운로드! Grab the car keys or charge your Fitbit for your walk to the centre, ‘cos you need to treat yourself (obviously)! Fancy something fragrant? Pop into YankeeCandle and pick out your favourite scent or, enjoy a super sweet Frappuccino from Starbucks (extra cream of course).

Whatever you choose to do, we know you’ll have fun doing it! Prepare for complete relaxation in the comfort of your backyard and let us know what’s first on your to-do list. Ours is re-creating sports day with tonnes of our favourite games!

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