Specsavers Media Statement

Specsavers to stay open for Essential Care only

Specsavers will be operating this week from 25/3/2020; 10am – 2pm Monday until Saturday but would ask customers to call the store on 028 25648100 before visiting to ensure the staff can triage all calls and adhere to social distancing regulations 다운로드.

Specsavers to stay open for essential care THE UK’s largest opticians and audiologists, Specsavers, has suspended all routine testing for the foreseeable future to focus on essential and urgent care only sl-m2675fn 드라이버.

‘We may be closing our stores for business as usual, but will remain open for care, particularly for key workers. Our desire is to continue to provide essential and urgent services to the communities we serve, as well as online and telephone advice for those who need it,’ says CEO John Perkins 다운로드.

‘Guaranteeing the safety and wellbeing of our customers and our colleagues has to be our priority so we will only open if it is safe to do so and in compliance with the Government ’s strict new guidelines.’ (https://www.specsavers.co.uk/covid19statement)

Each Specsavers store is owned by independent partners who make decisions locally in their community, including their opening hours, which may be influenced by their own or their team’s personal situation during this crisis 지금 무료 다운로드.

Customers will need to phone their local store first for advice and to be assessed on the level of care that they might need, the only exception being key workers who may need Specsavers’ help 콘텐츠를 다운로드. ‘They are very welcome to walk in to one of our stores to seek immediate advice,’ says Mr Perkins.

A range of services, such as home delivery of glasses, contact lenses and hearing aid batteries, is available for those customers who don’t require urgent care 다운로드. Glasses and contact lenses can also be purchased online for customers with a current prescription. Specsavers recommends checking its website or calling the local store for details 파이어 알파카 다운로드.

Mr Perkins thanked customers for their patience and understanding and paid tribute to Specsavers store partners and their teams, who, as part of the key worker cohort, are keeping essential services going for customers and supporting their NHS colleagues to provide critical care where it is most needed 디즈니 시트콤 다운로드.

‘I would particularly like to wholeheartedly thank our colleagues on the front line in our stores for continuing to deliver urgent and essential eye and hearing care where it is most needed – at the heart of the community 타자 연습 프로그램 다운로드. These are particularly stressful times in which to work in healthcare and their continued service under difficult circumstances is a great source of pride to Specsavers.’

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