Here’s what you need to know:

Centre’s Trading Hours 

Monday: 9am – 6pm (M&S 9am – 7pm)
Tuesday: 9am – 6pm (M&S 9am – 7pm)
Wednesday: 9am – 6pm (M&S 9am – 9pm)
Thursday: 9am – 9pm (M&S 9am – 9pm)
Friday: 9am – 9pm (M&S 9am – 9pm)
Saturday: 9am – 6pm (M&S 8am – 7pm)
Sunday: 1pm – 6pm (M&S 12pm – 6pm)

What stores are open?

All of our stores are now open. We would ask you to visit https://www.fairhillshopping.co.uk/store_directory/ for individual store trading hours.

How do I access the Centre? What entrances are open?

The following entrances are now open:

  • M&S
  • Thomas Street at Caffé Nero
  • Debenhams
  • Fairhill Lane

Please note the Centre is operating an internal traffic light mobile application to monitor occupancy rate allowing for social distancing.  Staff will inform customers whether it is safe to enter, when it is green, and when it is red, the doors of the centre will close to new customers.

Do I have to queue?

Due to restrictions incapacity within the Centre and within the stores, queuing to enter both the Centre and a number of stores is possible. Queuing systems are in place within the Centre.

Will you be temperature checking shoppers and staff?

We are following government guidelines which means we won’t be carrying out temperature checks on entry for the time being. If this changes, we will let you know.

Will there be a limit to how long I can spend in the centre?

No limit will be applied to the amount of time you are able to spend in the centre.

Safety, Cleanliness and Social Distancing


  • Social distancing guidance will be situated at all of our entrances and throughout the Centre and all common areas such as toilets, corridors, stairwells, lifts, doors and common customer touchpoints.

Customer Sanitisation

  • Hand sanitisers are placed throughout the centre. They will be placed at the entrances, close to pay stations and around the centre for customer use. There will also be increased in-centre cleaning at key touchpoints.
  • Sanitising stations will be checked and cleaned hourly by the mall cleaner when carrying out the cleaning patrol, and sanitising units will be checked at each entrance and cleaned every 30 minutes by the security guard positioned at each entrance.

Customer Facilities 

Are the lifts in use?

The MSCP lift will be operational but reserved for the elderly and those with mobility difficulties. Please observe all government guidelines regarding social distancing when using the lifts i.e. they operate on a one-person only or a family unit.

Seating in the mall

Seating has been removed in line with social distancing measures to discourage the congregation of groups. The seats will be reinstated when we receive further guidance from government that the situation has improved.

I can’t stand for long periods, what support is available to me in the centre and in the queue?

If you notify us in advance, by calling the centre control room on 028 2565 1199, we may be able to assist.

Changing rooms

Individual retailers do have changing rooms available, please check with each store.

Are the ATMs available?

ATMs are at the following locations:

  • Below the food court stairs – Note Machine
  • Beside Boots – Danske Bank ATMs
  • On exit from M&S food hall – Ulster Bank ATM

Is cash being accepted at stores or will it be card payment only? 

Cash will be accepted in all stores, but card payment is preferred.

Toilets – what arrangements are in place?

All washroom facilities will be available including male and female toilets, the disabled toilet and baby changing rooms. Customer toilets will be cleaned regularly, within the hour.

There are sanitising stations at the entrance.

Limited toilet facilities is now available beside the Food Court.

Is the Parent and Baby changing unit open?

The facility will operate as normal with extra sanitising in place. If the facility is abused, we will need to reconsider and possibly temporarily withdraw the facility.

Can I bring my family with me?

We would ask, where possible, that you limit those coming into the Centre. Please do note that there is no seating or play areas within the Centre. Please also note that children are the responsibility of parents or those adults accompanying them and we request that they keep them close in order to maintain social distancing.

It is possible that some stores will have queues and each store will be limiting their capacity in addition to the Centre. Please take this into consideration if you’ve small children.

Do I need PPE?

When shopping at Fairhill Shopping Centre we request that customers wear a face covering. Some customers are exempt if they choose.

Please be considerate to others and mindful that not all disabilities or medical conditions are visible.


If a customer requires a wheelchair, we would ask that they bring their own wheelchair, however, our staff will be able to assist any visitors who notify us 24 hours in advance that they need to avail of a centre’s wheelchair for the duration of their visit.

Can I buy gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers can still be purchased; however, we would ask that you contact centre management 24 hours in advance on tel. 028 2565 1199 or send your email to meganreid@fairhillshopping.co.uk, who will deal with your request. The Centre management team is looking at a contactless payment option for gift vouchers.

All gift vouchers with an expiry date from March 2020 will be valid until 30/09/21

Food Amenities

Is the Food Court open?

Our food court is open.

Is the Restaurant Sorrento open?

Yes, Restaurant Sorrento is open.

Is M&S restaurant open?

Yes, M&S Café is open.

Is Starbucks open?

Yes, Starbucks is open.


Messaging, advice and guidance will be active on our website and where possible, across all of our digital platforms advising shoppers of social distancing measures, queuing systems and action we’ve taken given government guidance.

The centre management, sanitising teams and security staff will also be available to assist and guide customers through the centre in a way that limits contact with others.


The multi-storey car park will be open. We will need to exercise social distancing in the car park, stairwells and lift as per government guidelines. MSCP will operate as per normal hours.

Please be assured that the appropriate sanitising/ cleaning measures have been put in place at all pay points and at the car park barriers and other key touch points.

Do we need to park two metres apart in the car park?

Guests do not need to park any differently. However, we ask customers to maintain a safe distance when entering and leaving your vehicle.


We ask that you discard your rubbish in the bins located around the centre. We would also ask that waste including masks and gloves are NOT discarded around the centre or in the car park and that these are placed in the bins provided.

Emergencies and First Aid 

If someone takes unwell within the Centre, please engage with one of the Centre management team or security who will assist as necessary.

In the event of fire, normal fire evacuation processes will be in place.

Smoke free zone 

Until further notice the Centre, which includes external entrance and exit areas belonging to the Centre, are smoke-free zones (this includes vaping). This is in order to maintain the health and safety of all personnel.