Fairhill Shopping Centre Goes Green

BALLYMENA’S Fairhill shopping centre has partnered with waste management company RiverRidge to achieve its overall goal of zero waste to landfill and to extract value from its various waste streams allowing for cost savings associated with efficiencies in recycling.

As part of Every Can Counts campaign, which is supported by Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), Fairhill has since October recycled 5,370 drink cans which is making a real difference to the environment.

The energy saved by recycling these cans compared to making new ones can be equated to charging a mobile phone for 14 years or even boiling a kettle 21, 480 times.

Centre manager Natalie Jackson said: “Fairhill is focused on our environmental performance including both reducing and disposing of the waste we create in a sustainable way.

“Each of our eateries who produce waste has a bespoke food waste wheelie bin, which is collected separately and finally composted. Cardboard is recycled, as are aluminium cans and the general waste is now being sorted and recovered as well.

“Working with RiverRidge has meant we can capitalise on opportunities to develop innovative solutions to improve resource efficiency.

“As a result of RiverRidge’s full suite of waste management services, Fairhill shopping centre is fully compliant in relation to waste segregation and waste management and achieving our zero waste to landfill target.”

Full article can be read at: https://www.irishnews.com/business/2019/03/15/news/fairhill-shopping-centre-goes-green-1573003/

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