Fairhill Shopping Centre 2019 Charity of the Year – Aware NI

Fairhill are pleased to announce that they have selected mental health charity AWARE NI as their new Charity of the Year 2019!

With one in every four people suffering from mental health at any stage in their life, the traders and staff have decided to do something about it and assist not just themselves but engage with the wider community to make a real difference 카카오톡 말풍선 다운로드. AWARE is the Depression Charity for Northern Ireland working exclusively to help those affected by anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder affecting anyone regardless of their age, gender or race 다운로드.

Natalie Jackson, Centre Manager said, “Too often I hear of someone dealing with depression or mental health and I’m not sure of the tools required to help 벤디와 잉크기계. This year I am very pleased that the Traders’ Association has chosen this charity as now we can make a real difference to those suffering mental health as well as being better prepared ourselves as managers and colleagues in how to deal with it.”

Clare Galbraith, Fundraising Manager of AWARE said, “AWARE – the depression charity for Northern Ireland, is delighted to be partnering with Fairhill Shopping Centre in their ‘Mood Stone’ project to help raise awareness of mental health amongst the people of the Ballymena area 다운로드.

When you hear the word ‘health’ what do you think of? A balanced diet? A gym membership? Cycling to work? Entering Marathons? We seem to think of all physical elements that contribute to our overall health and well-being 다운로드. And they are mostly positive.

What if you hear the word ‘mental health’? Do you think of depression? Anxiety? Stress? We seem to think of more negative elements that contribute to our mental health 다운로드.

There is still a massive stigma attached to this subject. Perhaps we are worried that by admitting we are struggling in this area that we would appear venerable, weak or not stable 다운로드. This is not a truth. 1 in 4 of us will struggle with a mental health condition at some point in our lives and we will all experience the feeling of low mood 다운로드. You are not alone!

AWARE works hard to raise awareness of mental health, how to better it, how to protect our minds and give people tools to deal with life’s challenges and struggles 더많은 확장프로그램 다운로드. We currently have 25 free-to-attend support groups operating around the country, and we deliver Mood Matters and Living Life to the Full courses to further our communities’ education and awareness of mental wellbeing splice.

The ‘Mood Stone’ project will provide a creative space for people to start conversations of what better mental health looks like, how we can achieve it both personally and together as a community, and to hopefully generate freedom for people to open up about the journey they are on. This project is designed to reach young children right up to the elderly, as we all come together to symbolically make a promise to be committed to creating an environment where people can talk openly about what is going on in their minds.

We hope that through this project people will know more about AWARE and the services we provide. We aim to reach out and help as many of Northern Ireland’s people as possible so that we can all move forward together into better mental health!”


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