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Girls, Girls, Girls

“There’s nothing more empowering than a good night with your ladies. Whether spending time with our Mum’s, our sisters, or our friends, there’s something a little bit special when you’ve set aside an evening fully dedicated to the gals. From cosy indoor chats over tea and (copious amounts of) chocolate, to evenings spent clad in sparkles and sipping (copious amounts of) G&T, one thing’s for certain- these are the nights sure to result in some serious laughter. My recent trip home to sunny old Northern Ireland was pretty hectic, but I did manage to catch up with a few of my best friends for some well deserved retail therapy. My day job revolves around fashion and beauty, so sod’s law would have it that I’d never have any clothes…(isn’t that all of us though?!) Being cooped in an office all day surrounded by ridiculously stylish women always leaves me wanting to pick up a little something extra, which I think is the beauty of having our wonderfully affordable high-street right on our doorsteps. We’re talking a whole array of fabulous, trend led pieces we can pick up with ease, for great prices. And hey, if that’s the case then surely we can allow ourselves a treat or two every so often. So that’s just what we did on Saturday. Known for incredible shopping under one roof, we drove up to Fairhill shopping centre in Ballymena, which proved to be a nice change of scenery from our usual Belfast. Having built a reputation for having an abundance of incredible shops- Topshop, Marks & Spencer’s, H&M, and Boots, amongst others, we were always going to be spoilt for choice when it came to our fashion and beauty needs. I picked up this little outfit, top, shoes and jeans for under £100, all of which can be purchased from Fairhill. Either way, a day spent laughing with my girls over clothes galore, leads me to talk about Fairhill’s annual Ladies Night (an event I’m truly gutted to be missing this year- especially as all my friends are attending (cue the fomo) But just what is this Ladies Lock in, aside from a whole lotta fun? An all-inclusive fashion affair with clothing discounts up to 20% off in participating stores, style advice, beauty makeovers, buff butlers (hey boys) and competitions galore taking place on Tuesday, October 3 from 6-9pm. Alongside Fairhill’s established tenants, for one night only they’re boasting an avenue of pop-up boutiques selling everything from jewellery to handbags as well as an ‘on the mall’ pamper parlour where we can indulge in makeovers, manicures, eyebrow threading and even a quick massage. The perfect night. Why? Because we don’t get to see our girls anywhere near enough. We don’t get to see our sisters or our mum’s or our friends enough. Round them up, enjoy a night of shopping, pampering, and, of course, some great laughs. All in copious amounts.” – The Breton Bird

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