#Staycation Tips 2: Back to School

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*Ding-ding* School is back in session! We’re here to give you the 4-1-1 when it comes to what your kids may need when they return back to school. Whether it’s a smart new uniform, school stationery or stacks of notebooks, Fairhill Shopping Centre is here to lend a helping hand.

During this month, we’ve been interviewing our experienced Fairhill store managers and getting their expert recommendations on how to knock the ‘back to school jitters’ out of your system. Because let’s face it, being in lockdown for months and thrusting normality so quickly back into our lives is a pretty daunting thing! But with all our tips and tricks, you’ll be prepared and ready to ace the new term.

A+ Grade Looks

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Yep, it’s time for new school trousers, pleated kilts, PE kits and plimsols. Wondering where to head to first? Fairhill have a tonne of retailers that you’ll be able to pick up the essentials. Check out our breakdown below:

H&M | Next | M&S | Debenhams – These are the places you’ll find those uniform must-haves. Shirts, shoes, vests and more!

JD Sports – Get PE ready with a kit from JD! Your littlun will be ready to hit the ball out of the school field and comfy enough to run the 100m sprint.

Claire’s – Accessorising with their uniforms? Well, if the school allows, you can grab hair accessories from bobbles to headbands that’ll have your little girl feeling super pretty for the entire school day.

Specsavers & Vision Express – Lastly, we wanted to cover the most important part of going back to school (and work!). Making sure that for those who need spectacles have them to hand, because there’s nothing worse than being fuzzy-eyed on your first day back! Plus, if you feel you need a quick eye test, be sure to book one in today.

Ticked Off Your To-Do!


We’d also like to remind all of the parents and returning teachers that it’s important for you to take the time to prep for your return to ‘business as usual’, if you haven’t done so already. We caught up with Next Store Manager on what’s ‘in’ for the working season.

‘‘Teachers are now planning their working wardrobe in prep for returning to work so the easy wearing taper trousers is also a must have.’’

So, if you’re in need of some new threads, you can head to River Island, New Look, M&S and more!

Smashing Stationery!


Fairhill have you covered (once again!). We’re talking Waterstones and The Works… the two havens where you’ll find everything for little kids and teens alike. Study guides and stationery kits are plentiful, plus – colouring pencils, pens and academic diaries are a must for those who love to keep organised and information colour coordinated.

Waterstones Store Manager recommends:

‘’The new Wimpy Kid book came out on 4th Aug – Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure. It’s sure to be a hit with the kids. Plus, we are also selling a lot of notebooks and guided journals as people seem to want to keep a record of this particular time – it’s so unusual for everyone!’’

The Store Manager also explained how sanitisers and facemasks have been flying off the shelves. ‘’We are also selling a lot of our new hand sanitisers and face masks’’. We think these would be great for children taking public transport for school!

What Waterstones has to offer:

‘’We offer click and collect or customers can ring or email us if they are looking for a particular book. We are still trying to promote contactless payment. We have hand sanitiser at the entrance and would encourage customers to use this and to observe the entrance and exit arrows.’’

It’s great to know that Fairhill Waterstones are continuing to keep their customers safe with the use of sanitisers, guiding arrows and more *applause*.

The Store Manager also mentioned; ‘’My oldest son is getting his A-level results next week, so we are looking forward to celebrating that as well.’’ We’re wishing him heaps of good luck.

Appreciation Is Key!

thank you card

Want to start the new term with a little appreciation for those who teach, create new lessons and have their patience tanks full for the year ahead? Well, if you’d like to give a gift to a teacher, Fairhill recommends the below:

Card Factory | Card Centre – The stores that are always there for little teacher gifts, whether a mug, pen or thank you chocolate. Don’t forget those cards welcoming friends back to normality (especially for those you haven’t seen since March!!).

Yankee Candled | Fragrance Shop – Perfect for a late thank you gift for teachers, cleaners and keyworkers that have worked so hard over the last few months.

We think that’s more than enough to keep you busy! Whether you’re off to get small feet sized-up, welcome back prezzies for your favourite teachers or finding the perfect cigarette trouser on your return back to work – we wish you luck for the new term!

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